Taa Tai: Story story

Here are stories in Dũya language:

  1. Utsutson mbɔ Ndzoo nggu Mpfurh nu Igbĩ (Hare, Leopard and Turtle) [Printable PDF]
  2. Utsutson mbɔ Iwji nggu Inu (Dog and Chicken) [Printable PDF]
  3. Utsutson mbɔ Ughwerh nu Ukpukpai  (Frog and Ant) [Printable PDF]
  4. Utsutson mbɔ Itsurhi, Umpfurh, Undzoo, Uyatsɛrhkũ nu Iɡbĩ (The Story of Ram, Turtle, Hare, Old Woman and Leopard) [Printable PDF]
  5. Utsutson mbɔ Uyatsɛrhkũ nggu Undzoo (Old Woman and Hare) [Printable PDF]
  6. Utsutson uner atsɛrh avaa  (Two Wives and Two Eggs) [Printable PDF]

Prepared with the help of Anna Haffner and others.

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